Why Invest?

Forests are the lungs of humanity, they capture CO2 and release oxygen.

• Forests protect water and springs
• Forests are the habitat of most of millions of plants, insects and animals on our planet.
• Forests create scenic beauty.
• Forests prevent erosion
• Forests cool the planet.

In addition to the above benefits forests can generously reward the investment in different ways:

• Forests for Carbon Neutral.
• Forests to reduce carbon footprint.
• Forest conservation.
• Forests for research.
• Forests for ecotourism projects.
• Forests as sources of water.
• Forests as inheritance or heritage.

Carbon Neutral

The most industrialized and populated areas of the world do not have forests, these industries shed in their production processes CO2 tons, This Companies must seek ways to compensate for these emissions and an option to mitigate the CO2 produced is investing a forest or reforest one,transforming this company it into a carbon neutral company.
Brand and seal environmental sustainability: Being carbon neutral, gives you the advantage of being able to display on your products the seal that certifies that your product is environmentally friendly, today millions of consumers around the world have a preference for these products because of Thus each consumer contributes to reducing their carbon footprint too.

Carbon Footprint

Everyone in our daily activities generate CO2, but not everyone can buy a forest to mitigate our carbon footprint.
Therefore, employee associations, Organizations, public institutions, banks, and others., could make investment on behalf of its partners.