The Project

In recent years we have been watching about the agricultural frontier and how expands aggressively, increasingly reducing the forest area of our country. This is partly because farmers and ranchers see the forest as an impediment to economically exploit their land.

Each time the global forest area decreases and while the world population increases (See: Natural resources that supply the world’s population are threatened by an unconscious society: Vehicles, industries, cities are increasingly demanding more space and excessive resources consumption.

Millions of tons of carbon dioxide a year are thrown to the atmosphere (See: as a result of our actions. The contributors to this are both most major industries, with processes that emit huge amounts of CO2, as each of us as individuals with our daily activities within our lifestyle destroys the environment.

The carbon dioxide rises to the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect occurs, causing a series of consequences such as global warming, and where the most affected are us and the future generations.

It is for this reason that we have been concerned to positively contribute to the environment, therefore we have decided begin a ecological development today Helping our planet and we share it with you.

All forests must be valued, protected and preserved, especially those that are part of a biological corridor as in the case of Tamborcito Eco Farm and are within the boundaries of the National Wildlife Refuge Maquenque, Mixed category. This Refuge is recognized RAMSAR site, a wetland of international significance.

Forests can absorb 30 tons per hectare per year of CO2 and reforested more than 50 tons.

Conserving forests and reforesting: solution to avoid catastrophes.

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Preserve Forest Wildlife and Ecosystem

Develop Farms through Biological Centers, sustainable Research, where they can investigate the species and their environment.

Forest Research

MAYOVI S.A. It has rainforests in Costa Rica where they would be paradise for biologists and botanists, because of the high biodiversity they contain. In the forests there are still hidden, exists secret plants to cure many diseases; many lives, pharmaceutical companies, universities and foundations should acquire own forests to have places where to conduct research in perpetuity.
Forests for ecotourism projects and rural tourism.

• These forests are ideal for nature lovers who love photography and walking by trails to observe birds, insects and monkeys, the wildlife that lives here.
• Recreational activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding and fishing, can also be implemented as farms have networks of roads, trails, rivers, lakes and areas of pasture ideal for line infrastructure development with the Environmental Conservation.